Our principal business is residential development, office fit out and refurbishment.

Working as a team and pulling in the same direction needs not just good players but good leadership, to ensure all the goals are achieved, principal amongst those is a financially successful and attractive end product for the user, which is where we provide best assistance

Commercial Management

We establish the right budget for your project and help control all of your costs, using our extensive industry knowledge to ensure you achieve the best value for money.

We provide effective cost control of your building project by managing and reviewing costs at each and every stage from inception- initial Cost Plan, throughout construction to completion and Final Account. In addition we can advise on the most appropriate procurement route, compile the tender documentation, and provide contract administration and other technical financial advice.

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Project Management

In this strategic role we coordinate and oversee all the team players, on behalf of the Client , all the project elements and all the procurement of the construction work.

We provide this as a separate standalone professional service which includes for liaison with key stakeholders within the Clients organisation and externally, such as adjoining owners, Party Wall Surveyors, Building Control, H&S organisations etc.

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Construction Management

This service focuses upon the dividing of the construction work up into ‘Packages’ of work, which could be whole buildings, individual floors or trade centred scopes of work.

This work is competitively tendered for and appointed by the Construction Manager who manages and is responsible for the delivery, execution and completion of each ‘Package’. Tender documentation is prepared with team input and orders for each package are placed direct by the Construction Manager or the Client upon the Construction Managers advice. This is a particularly appropriate form of procurement where there is time but not necessarily sufficient time to fully develop upfront the Architectural information.

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International Services

We help international clients to fulfil property and construction requirements in Europe, undertaking roles including property search through to build out.

We have successfully assisted USA and international clients to fulfil the property and construction requirements in Europe, undertaking roles including property search, feasibility, financial appraisal and cost management of construction projects outside providing independent advice, supervision and monitoring of funding, contractual and construction cost issues.

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