Commercial Management

Commercial Management

We establish the right budget for your project and help control all of your costs, using our extensive industry knowledge to ensure you achieve the best value for money.
We provide effective cost control of your building project by managing and reviewing costs at each and every stage from inception- initial Cost Plan, throughout construction to completion and Final Account. In addition we can advise on the most appropriate procurement route, compile the tender documentation, and provide contract administration and other technical financial advice.

Cost Planning

We have accumulated an extensive body of knowledge and benchmarking data across many residential and commercial sectors which forms the basis of our approach to cost planning.
The basis for any successful construction and property development is a robust Cost Plan. Cost Planning is an integral part of our Cost Management service. We have Clients who also prefer to use this as a separate service to undertake feasibility studies for proposed developments.
Our areas of expertise include:

  • Establishing project viability and a robust baseline
  • Using our extensive market intelligence to advise on best value in the market at any given time
  • Estimating and cost planning construction costs
  • Offering solutions to optimise cost performance for projects
  • Identifying project and market risks and ways to mitigate them

Cost Management

Cost Management is one of our key services. As Chartered Professionals standing independently from the supply chain we can offer impartial advice, based upon professional integrity to deliver the best solutions to protect our clients’ interests and maximise on their investments.
We act as consultants primarily across residential and commercial sectors to predict and manage construction costs, from initial feasibility to final account. An essential part of this process is developing an in-depth understanding of our client’s key objectives and championing project delivery, empowering their decisions with our depth of knowledge.
In addition to services offered in Cost Planning our service includes:

  • Proactively managing construction costs with additional comparative cost analyses and estimating
  • Optimising cost performance at every stage using our extensive benchmarking data
  • Minimising risk for clients by identifying and managing project and market issues


The process of procurement requires the deployment of the most appropriate strategy to offer Clients the most cost effective outcome from engagement with the supply chain to deliver their project.
There are numerous types of projects and numerous procurement routes which can be utilised and our experience is based upon the successful selection and implementation of the most appropriate holistic approach.

Our service consists of a set of fully integrated procedural modules of work that can be broken down into constituent parts and applied independently.
We have developed a procurement methodology that works in successfully in the private sector based upon the following principles:

  • Understanding and communicating requirements by helping the client and the team to understand the intended outcomes and benefits anticipated
  • Market engagement – analysis of the capacity and capability of the construction market to provide what is required
  • Packaging – determining the best way in which to package the requirement so that risk is appropriately placed, that organisational interfaces are properly considered and the market appetite, capability and capacity are properly considered in the procurement decisions.
  • Contracting – working with the client to determine the appropriate risk allocation between the client and the supply chain so that the risk is sustainably placed between the parties

Contract Administration

As Contract Administrators we are appointed to administer the terms of the building contract between clients and their contractors.
We monitor and act to ensure compliance with the contractual obligations between both parties. Our experienced Contract Administrators establish excellent relationships with all parties to help avoid and resolve disputes and issues encountered in a manner that is fair and balanced to clients and contractors.
Our service includes:

  • Establishing and implementing contract terms
  • Ensuring all parties are familiar with their obligations and remain compliant at all times
  • Ensuring information is communicated in a timely manner to ensure the smooth progression of the contract
  • Proactively identifying and resolving problems between parties

Life Cycle Costing

We are able to provide a range of life cycle cost advice to both the Client, developer and Contractor side for new build and refurbishment projects in accordance with BREEAM requirements and various standards.
Our service includes:

  • Life cycle replacement & FM cost benchmarking & estimation
  • Life cycle cost design options & value engineering appraisals

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