Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction Management is a very successful alternative to traditional methods of procuring construction works as it facilitates a professional and non-adversarial method for construction delivery including the management of design, procurement and on-site construction to achieve the client and building designer’s vision for the project.

Integrated Construction Delivery

It enables clients and project teams to participate more directly and actively in the management of cost and risk to suit their specific requirements and to respond to the varying demands of the project throughout its duration.

Stewart Black & Associates have deployed this alternative approach very successfully for clients across multiple sectors from historic restorations to private residences, manufacturing and pharmaceutical facilities and commercial office fit-outs.
Our services include:

  • Management of the full construction process including package procurement, coordination and supervision of on-site works
  • Programming and planning of construction works together with buildability and logistics reviews and studies
  • Proactive management of project scopes, programme and budget to mitigate change
  • Full duties of the Principal Contractor
  • Coordination of professional and trade contractor design teams and process
  • Contract administration throughout the life cycle of the project

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